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Camo Christmas!

camo baubles

man i wish i’d found these babies earlier!

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Whopper Freakout

Great new campaign by Crispin Porter for Burger King showcasing just how vital a Whopper is to the American race. I’m a Bacon Double XXL man meself!

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Think Faest!


Started by my boy Upso a few years back this annual magazine full of ace art stuff has just gone two colour!

Order now as stocks are limited as f**k!

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Flippin’ Ace!



If anyone needs to get me a late chrimbean present. As I’m still awaiting a few (well all) to come through the door at Boxer Towers…then get me this. Or I’ll get you some coal next year.

Giant Wall Flip Clock

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losing our innocence…


No I’m not talking about the gossip around the office from fridays work Chrimbo party…

It’s a little more sad. We just heard this morning from the lovely folks at Fruit Towers that we didn’t win the pitch for the kids stuff (that’s technical for err stuff). We did some ace work. Worked damn hard and generally had a great time working on this pitch.

So once i’ve put down the kleenex man size, I’d just like to say big love to everyone here for being just the bees knees and Innocent for making ace smoothies and being smashing chaps and chapesses…and having cool as mustard offices aaannnnnndddd a fox that lives in the bush nextdoor.

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Merry Christmas from everyone at Boxer

Stu Pic

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at boxer. Check out our Christmas Card we did after work with the help of a couple of beers. Make sure you have your headphones or speakers turned up. Cheers

Our Christmas Card 07

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Inspiring Design


DesignChapel are a Swedish design company who are incredible! Fantastic design, Illustration & photography!
I have loved this guys work for years.

Check em out at

If you click on the link for the original site it will take you to his superb illustrations etc…Enjoy.

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we are the dogs, we are the dogs, we are, we are, we are the dogs!

Went to see a fantastic band on Wednesday at the Scala in Kings Cross. I havn’t seen a live band that left me feeling like that for years. Totally awesome!!

the dogs smaller
Check em out at

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Art attack!


No. Not the ace kids show with Neil Buchanan but something almost as exciting!

We’ve** just completed a great project for Brahma, Visto Brahma where up and coming artists are invited to produce a piece of artwork which Brahma will use next year as a bottle wrap throughout the UK. As well as gallery events and lots more skill stuff.

There’s also a chance of winning 5k to fatten your back pocket as well as all the kudos of great work seen everywhere.

So kids. Get scribbling. Get uploading. Get voting. Get drinking*

*though not too much. Especially on school nights…and lunchtimes.

**Big love to all the team who worked on this as they turned lots round in not so lots time. You know who you are x x x

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Robotface to the rescue


If you’re like me and rubbish at organisation, especially around christmas time then Robotface will help you out in at least one area. A bunch of artists have got together to produce some ace downloadable xmas cards for you to simply cut out, fill in and send off.

Easy peasy.


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flush your fish?

every home should have one!

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got wood?

These remind me of the inside of an old jag. Not something you really want to put round the slickest phone out there…

Though some people must…

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Birmingham leads the way in the arts for young people

urban fusion

Gallery 37 has been running with great success in Birmingham since 1998. It is based on the ground-breaking arts for young people scheme, pioneered in Chicago, America’s Windy City, Birmingham’s sister city in the United States.

Read more here

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The Youth of Today

A great written piece by a 17 year old chap called Oliver about brands and the mindset of his age group. Off the highly insightful Ruby Pseudo blog.

My Mindset

I’m the kind of person that likes brands to be one step ahead of me and have the things I need before I need them.

I like to have the freedom to use them as and when I please and not be pestered when I’m not using it. (If they’re good they will be used again)

I like them at my fingertips but not in my way.

What I’m doing has to look good, be easy to accomplish but not simple. Involves skill but not time consuming.

My dress sense is like my uniform, I need to look good but not smart, has to match but not be the same.

I like to follow the trends but be different, look like everyone else but stand out. Be the same but unique.

Same as everyone else’s but better. The same, but exclusive…

Hate expensive but it can’t be cheap.

I like them to be real. I see through the sugar coating, if you have something that can be useful to me then sell it.

When someone’s trying to sell something to me, I want them to be straight up, but I don’t want them to say, I’ve got this, do you want it?’, I want it to be relevant.

Like a mate, I want them there when I need them, in the background, when I need them, I need them to let me know what they’re there for and leave it at that.

I’ve got friends who I want to be around everyday, who I can rely on, I’ve got friends I call up just for a good time that I know wouldn’t be there if I needed them, but I don’t mind that. I want the same from brands. Like my phone, they’ve got to be reliable, around all the time, and there when you need them, if I’m going to go and buy a pair of kicks, I want the ones that look the best that no one else has.

We’re not as easily influenced as you think, we’re tired of video games and films being used as excuse to justify the behaviour of a few. My friends are talented, cool people. I see the talents in them. Don’t insult their intelligence. Don’t insult mine.

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Eenie Meenie Miney Moseley

*not actual flyer ;)

Was in The Fighting Cocks yesterday and after playing Guess Who and drinking some ace pints of London Pride I couldn’t believe the dilema i’d be faced with.

I picked up a couple of flyers, on saturday the 22nd of December at the Hare and Hounds you’ve got ex Specials front man Terry Hall djing, then just round the corner you’ve got Good Times boy Norman Jay playing a set at The Bulls Head.

Maybe i’ll just have to run really fast between the two.

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Har Mar Superstar



This is Mar. Better know as Malota. She’s a super talented illustrator with an awesome style. I’ve even got a couple of prints up in my house.

Muestre un cierto amor

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bad temper’d!


Arron Bird better known as Temper is a boy from the black country…but he decided to add a bit of colour

He’s worked for Sprite, Ecko and even Saatchi & Saatchi and has a studio based in the Jewellery Quarter in Brum town. Get taggin’ kids*

*just don’t get caught as the police or your mum might be cross

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Nice wheels

Lookin’ out for Lucy! A Birmingham born artist, now a global star. Check out her new website there is much more where this came from.

Grafetii car

lucy’s site

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SoakItUp Finland 07

Soakitup is the name of our blog. It came from a philosophy that we have here at Boxer, a philosophy that we should not sit on our laurels and wait for good design, such as print, packaging and retail, to come to us! So we go out into the big wide world and find it! To keep our proverbial “finger on the pulse” we visit other countries as often as possible throughout the year to bring back exciting and cutting edge design from others cultures. This inspiration taken from all over the world helps us to keep our thinking fresh and inspired.

Keep an eye open on this site, as we will be adding a few images from each trip we undertake. So far this year in 2007 we have been to Helsinki, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris and Munich to name a few.


Me and Ollie went to Finland, Helsinki in Oct 07. Here are a couple of images we took:








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Y Water? Y Not?


New twist on a water bottle called, Y Water, that’s aimed at kids, it doubles as a toy and is 100% recyclable. H2O has never been so refreshing!

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Getting personal


Tube tops

Lovin the cable car and the fact you get 2 one-off works of art thrown in for nowt when you buy a print! Everyone love a bargain!!

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Created In Birmingham

Created In Brum

A great site for the Birmingham scene linking artistic and creative communities. Luvly!

Created In Birmingham

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Hello. Is it tea you’re lookin’ for?

lionel rich tea

My god i flippin’ love this image. Whoever made it is a genius!

Anyhow. I’m going to talk about tea. I love it. and i love this site nice cup of tea and a sit down.

AND! you can make tea in one of these bad boys!


AAANNNNDDDD you can dunk in some

custard creams

just like us. they soak it up…

Thanks folks i’m here all week.

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Can you handle the PRESHAA?


yummy illustrations from a chap in london town.

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You can’t let good things go to waste. So when we had to buy in a big wheel of cheese for a photo shoot, of course we had to taste some of it. And you do need the usual accompaniments, so I added my homemade chutney and we bought the crackers. Happy Thursday afternoon.

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Greasey Spoon

winneys cafe

Every good place of work needs a damn fine eating establishment. And here’s a few of us down our local Cafe; Winnies.

If you are ever near or at Boxer towers and fancy a trip to this deep fried Shangri La then let us know and we’ll phone the order in…

Right. I’m off to undo the top button on me jeans…

Notice me and Jolly giving it the westcoast winnies ‘w’ gang sign

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Graphic Design Inspirations

GRAPHIC DESIGN INSPIRATIONS will present the works of more than 300 graphic designers and studios from around the world. This compendium, to be published in September 2008, is a part of daab’s inspiration book series. AND its free to enter!

Featured Work / Categories

Any commissioned or self-commissioned graphic design work, in print, that has been created in the last two years, in any of following categories:
– Magazine Design (Editorial Design, Special Interest, Fanzines, Student Magazines, etc.)
– Book Design
– Posters
– Music Graphics (LP/CD, etc.)
– 3D, Exhibition Design, Spatial Design
– Packaging Design
– Brochure Design (Image, Annual/Business Reports, Self-Promotion, etc.)
– Stationery (Letterhead, Business/Personal Cards, etc.)

Website Link

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Nice Helmet

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Booba and Kiki

Booba Kiki

English: In a psychological experiment first designed by Wolfgang Köhler, people are asked to choose which of these shapes is named Booba and which is named Kiki. 95% to 98% of people choose Kiki for the orange angular shape and Booba for the purple rounded shape.

It is thought that this has implications for language development, in that the naming of objects is not completely arbitrary. The rounded shape may most commonly be named Booba because the mouth makes a more rounded shape to produce that sound. Similarly a more taut, angular mouth shape is needed to make the sound Kiki. The sounds of a K are harder and more forceful than those of a B, as well.

Note also that, in the Roman alphabet, the angular shape mimics the angular letters K and I, while the rounded shape mimics the rounded letters B and O.

The kiki visual shape has a sharp inflection and the sound ‘kiki’ represented in your auditory cortex, in the hearing centers of your brain, also has a sharp sudden inflection. Your brain performs a cross-modal synesthetic abstraction, recognizing that common property of jaggedness, extracting it, and so reaching the conclusion that they are both kiki. — V. S. Ramachandran.


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Boom Box Bikes

boom box bikes

These boys are takin’ ghetto blasters to a new level. They might not have enough dosh for a saxo but they’re still cruising the estate on these bad boys!

Biking to a Different Beat

linky sent in by Pete in the office and is also on my boy Freems blog page to…you boys must read the same rubbish

oh yeah. i stole Freems title for this…well i say stole. More borrowed…

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I love cheese

This is the best of Cheese. He’s from my favourite cartoon Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network. This cartoon is the bees knees. If you don’t know; now you know. Enjoy.

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Amazin’ Raisins

amazin' raisins

After eating my lunch of soup and half of Paddys sandwich i tucked into these little bad boys – which i must say was nervous about but they were very yummy and a nice little refreshing snack. It’s all good for you too so no crazy e numbers to push you (or the kids) over the edge.

find out more at:

right. now for some trifle…

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listen to graphic design


A series of one-hour interviews broadcast in the summer of 2007, with leading graphic designers who talk about their work and play music that inspired or influenced them. Designers featured: Jonathan Barnbrook, Neville Brody, Macolm Garrett, Michael C Place, Fred Deakin, Vaughan Oliver, Kim Hiothoy, Rick Poynor and Angus Hyland.

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Jimmy Turrell

A very talented illustrator.

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Absolute Brazil

Absolute Brazil

Really Nice Designs – 12 Artists, 2 Bottles, 1 Country.

Absolute Website

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Museum of Childhood


New posters for The V&A Museum of Childhood.
“The V&A Museum of Childhood houses the UK’s national collection of childhood-related objects, one of the finest in the world. Dating back to the 16th century, it represents the diversity of childhood experiences across the full economic, cultural and historical spectrum”

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Christmas Survial Chocolate

For the Christmas festive season!

Xmas Survival

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We are scoffing

spicy chickpeas

These babys are lush. Hot as, but mighty tasty. Think it’ll be a little windy (in the trouser (or skirt) department) in Birmingham this afternoon.

Buy them today at all good super markets *YUM*

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Flavoured Mulled Wine from Sweden


Award winning design from design agency BVD based in Sweden. Check their website theres some other cool stuff too.

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F**k them. No! Help them.

An awesome english take on a classic american gangster rap tune.

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Where we’re from!

birminghamJust incase you don’t know where we’re from; we’re from the mighty Birmingham…and as this site says. Brum town ain’t s**t. Enjoy awwww kid…

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Avin’ a laff!

Dave as Rod

Rutter the Strutter

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Recycled Bags

These little beauties are made out of the sides of old truck tarpaulins.

And this is their shop. Flippin’ brilliant!

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Time to break out the barbie


No not Kens other half but actually this ace thingy from puma <3 Mongolian Shoe bbq

p.s. if anyone wants to buy me some i’m size 9 uk. 10 us.

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Let there be light

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New Bansky

Banksy has painted new murals on the West Bank barrier which runs beside Bethlehem.

Banksy Donkey

An Israeli soldier examines the ID card of the Christmas donkey.

Banksy Tow

The murals are part of an exhibition in Bethlehem opening on Monday. Several other international and Palestinian artists are taking part.

Banksy Frisk

The artist – who does not give interviews – said through his PR spokeswoman that he hoped the art would “attract tourists to Bethlehem”.

BBC News

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Get a Readymech glow…


obviously we’re always mega busy *cough* but if you have 5 or so minutes spare then get yourself over to readymech and get downloading, cutting, stickin’ n makin’

or even snazzier design your own!

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50-Year time lapse in the can

A new eco-short for Discovery Channel EMEA called “Carbon Footprint”. VFX and production by Jellyfish Pictures, London.

Lambert wrote, directed and edited. Score and sound design: Ben ‘HECQ’ Boysen.

JellyFish Carbon Footprint Image

The making of video is here

Full credits:

“Carbon Footprint”
Discovery Channel EMEA – Jellyfish Pictures

Director: Matt Lambert
Producer: Stefano Salvini
Producer: Bruce Meier (Discovery Channel EMEA)
VFX Supervisor/3D Artist: Matt Chandler
Lead Compositor: Fabio Zaveti
Music: Ben Lukas Boysen[Hecq]

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Soak it up blog is live!

Welcome to the new site thats now live.

It will contain links, some found inspiration and fun stuff from our life in and out of the office.

Lets get blogging!!

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