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McDonald’s New Packaging by Boxer

It’s here… we have launched it.

Keep an eye open for the new packaging launching, first in the UK in November, and then the rest of the 118 countries around the world soon after. McDonald’s serve 58 million people a day around the world, that’s alot of people enjoying McDonald’s food and hopefully the new packaging.




The new design engages in an honest conversation with consumers about the quality of McDonald’s food. We have created a global packaging design system that embraces a consistent framework but also allows for customisation to create local market relevance.

Its bold and simple design celebrates all that’s good about McDonald’s, whilst reassuring consumers about the origins of the food they are about to eat.

Quite simply it’s about brand storytelling that’s told through design.

Visit our site here.

Or send us an email, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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Smile, you’re drinking Pepsi

Here’s the new Pepsi logo that was unveiled last week and I saw on PSFK. The new designs were based on the following thought process say PepsiCo; Diet Pepsi has a ‘slight grin’, Pepsi has a ‘full smile’ and Pepsi Max expresses laughter.

Reaction in the office is not a good one and I totally agree. Pepsi have committed a cardinal sin in my book. Brands should by all means appeal to people’s emotions, but they should never tell you what emotions you should be feeling; it’s just rude in my book. Let me feel how I want when I drink Pepsi, whether it be happy or sad, I’m still using your product, so don’t force a smile on me.

pepsi old style

new pepsi logo

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Barclay Card Water Slide Video – Making of…

Hers is a behind the scenes look at the making of the new Barclay’s water slide advert, filmed in Sao Paulo staring Robert Wilfort. Done by Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s. See a few posts down to see the advert.

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Hovis advert

Ok this is a month or two old, but I forgot to upload it. It’s another great advert (along with the barclays advert) from Hovis, the bread people. Cost a small fortune but looks awesome.

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In No Particular Order

Our Chicago office has launched a new blog called In No Particular Order, showcasing innovations and technology. Go check it out.

Technology and innovation blog from Chicago


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Pick you colours and get flickr images that match you selection…



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Barclays – water slide advert

How brilliant… I want to go home that way, beats sitting on the M6 / M5 everynight! Not sure who made it but its a great piece of work.

(Update… It’s done by Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s to promote Barclaycard’s contactless payment technology.)

New Barclays Advert –

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Brands ‘Doing’ Digital

As ever, Ruby Pseudo has some great insights on her blog and this particular one focuses on the ‘Teen Commandments for Brands Wanting to ‘Do Digital’. She raises some really good points, especially her final point, and this comes at a time when many brands are repeatedly trying and failing to produce a viral that will make them as popular as a man in jeans dancing through the ages (which has now received over 100 million hits); the Cadbury’s gorilla only has 3 million in comparison, which is still pretty damn good but shows that brands have to work a hell of a lot harder and be truly innovative if they want to tap into digital’s full potential.

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