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World Nude Day – February 6th 2009

Any excuse to get naked. And you could win US$10,000 in gold!


Here’s what to do:

Get nude.
Get a mate to film you.
Do something funny.
Upload it here for all to see.
Top 10 global entries chosen by official judges.
Winner decided by judges combined with public vote!

    Get going, there’s great prizes!

    World Nude Day

    Found at Made in England

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    Goodbye Bush

    How brilliant is this…


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    Christmas Party 2008 in Frankfurt

    Better late than never…

    We ate, drank and became very merry. We also visited Frankfurt German market.

    A good time was had by all

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    At it like bunnies

    Balloon bunnies… we all thoroughly enjoyed the link for the new Durex advert found on QBN this morning. Of course we would… Watch here at Superfad

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    The streets are alive with the sound of SALES

    New Year sales come but once a year (surprising that) and 2009 is no different, except for the fact that the High St is in freefall and the only thing retailers want to do about it is discount, discount, discount.  Ideal if you are an avid bargain hunter and good with your fists, but if like me, you’re looking for an actual shopping experience when you go into a store, then it’s rather lacking.

    I decided to brave it though and armed with a camera and a positive attitude I headed out into the retail Mecca that is Oxford St, to see “just how low will the retailers go?”

    Two brands really stood out for me amongst the chaos and they were NIKE and UNIQLO.  Nike used colour to distinguish them from the sea of red, at the same time as keeping it very Nike in the way they positioned their sale as a part of their overall brand story.  While Uniqlo used their windows very effectively to create product stories and window film that actually allowed you to see the products (imagine that).

    As I was pushed and barged along the High St, with the worst culprit being Zara where I almost lost a limb, it raised two questions, What were these retailers going to do to build value after January?  And if they can afford to slash 75% off their prices now, have they been cheating us all along?

    But through this mist of despair, it was the decision to go for a cheeky tipple in the Long Bar at the Sanderson Hotel that resulted in the best find of the day.  They were running a t-shirt campaign called, “Recess is on, F#%K the Recession’.  All staff in the bar were wearing them and it was great to see someone cutting through the clutter and sending out a message that was positive, unique and most of all fun.  Where most are zigging, Sanderson is zagging and it’s downright refreshing to see.

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