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Decorative Dawg

Can be found on the loading page of the Cole & Son website. (Apparently his name is Brian)


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The Gap and Pantone T-Shop

Limited-edition line of T-shirts designed in collaboration with Pantone, with its own pop-up shop next to the Gap at 54th Street and 5th Avenue. Found at…


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Puma City





Twenty-four shipping containers are retrofitted and transformed into PUMA CITY, a transportable retail and event building that is traveling around the world along with the 70-foot long Puma sailing boat.

Found at…

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What is the 4am Project?


The aim of the 4amproject is to gather a collection of photos from around the world at the magical time of 4am. Everyone can take part and join in! All you need is a camera. We want to see what you see at that moment in time on that one day. What’s your view at 4am?

The 4am Project has also been in the Guardian in their Travel section, featuring 4am photographs taken around the globe. Looks very interesting and not forgetting that it was all started in good olde Birmingham!! If I can drag myself out of bed at 4am one day I may give it a go…

Found at – created in birmingham…

Some extra news for you early birds…

Join the 4am photo walk in city this Saturday!
Resevoir Road, Egbaston at 4am by Karen Strunks

As part of the 4am Project , Birmingham It’s not shit are organising a 4am photo walk through Birmingham city centre on Sat 4th April at……4am! It’s a great opportunity to take a unique tour of the city at an often unseen time. Part of the tour will include Birmingham New Street station who have kindly given their permission for the ‘4am-ers’ to take pictures. The meeting point is the big brass bull outside the Bullring shopping centre at 4am. Please be on time, and don’t forget your camera!

From Bham it’s not shit

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Test drive new fonts

Lovely site for font fans!

Ourtype. Fine typography from Europe. Try and Buy.


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Barcelona Flower Market




Barcelona’s new wholesale flower market – Mercabarna-Flor (near the Barcelona International Airport). The most striking features of the new market are the multi-faceted angular roof structure and the multi-colored outer shell inspired by an aerial view of flower fields in full bloom. The new complex — 15,000 square-meters of buildings on a 44,000 square-meter lot — houses three main sections, one for cut flowers, one for plants and one for accessories. The location near the airport cargo terminal is crucial to the flower business that relies on fast air delivery of fresh flowers. Designed by Willy Muller Architects.

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Check the weather

A nice way of showing the weather in cities around the world. Give it a try!


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Honda – Everybody wants to be good

60″ TV spot ‘Let It Shine’ for Honda Insight, created by W+K Amsterdam – the first since their appointment in November 2008. ‘Let It Shine’ was created by Zach Watkins, Craig Melchiano and Mark Sloan and creatively directed by Jeff Kling, John Norman and Sue Anderson and is meant to reinforce Honda’s position as a leader in automotive hybrid technology.

Making of Video here

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Flatpack Festival 3 – Birmingham


We posted a link to their site before the event, here’s a reminder…

Flatpack Festival is a yearly film festival held in Birmingham UK, a juggernaut of cinematic goodies taking over venues across the city from 1-4 February. Emboldened by the excellent audiences and effusive feedback which greeted the first edition, organisers 7 Inch Cinema have extended the programme with more special events, films, animation screenings, anime, music documentary’s, art installations, performances and much more….

I went along for two events which I throughly enjoyed. Across the Universe, was a documentry on the Fench elctro band Justice, showing 20 days of their North American tour, featuring the highs and lows of traveling, fans, groupies and guns! All in all a good mix! And then the close down event featuring music played alongside an old black and white movie from the Transport Authority and also music from Electo band Victoria and Jacob. All in all very enjoyable.

Here is a group on Flickr with some photos.

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Flick the switch on climate change


On March 28 at 8:30pm, people, businesses and iconic buildings around the world will switch off their lights for one hour to encourage world leaders to work together to tackle climate change.

Global landmarks including Nelson’s Column, the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera House will be plunged into darkness in support of the World Wildlife Fund’s annual Earth Hour. More than 2,000 cities from 80 countries have signed up so far. The organisation hopes at least a billion people will take part.

This year’s event marks the start of a new WWF campaign to convince governments to agree effective action against climate change. “December’s UN climate summit in Copenhagen is their last chance to get it right, so we need to ensure they know we care,” reads a statement on the WWF website.

Earth Hour Website

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Puma Light injected footwear

New Puma promotional video, strange dancing but nice use of projection, we likes.

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Sheep Art

Samsung’s latest commercial combines technology with animals. The production firm “took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display.”

Found at ComputerLove

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The Big City Plan – Digital Challenge


The Big City Plan will shape and revitalise the city centre over the next 20 years – guiding Birmingham’s economic, social and environmental future.

Are you at home in front of, or behind, the camera? Could you take a photograph, or make a film, showing us how you think Birmingham should develop over the next twenty years?

Perhaps you feel Birmingham would benefit from greener areas or maybe you have an idea about how public transport could improve. Your vision could be for the whole city, or your local area.

With two fantastic Flip cameras up for grabs, the Big City Plan Digital Challenge is your chance to show us how you want to reshape and revitalise the city centre.

The judges will be looking for imaginative ideas as well as great images, so it doesn’t matter if you use your mobile phone or the latest camera technology.

Big City Plan link

Found at – Created in Birmingham

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Comic Relief ’09

Silly hats and cakes all for charity! (and one glass eye from ollie!) All money raised went into the Comic Relief 2009 fund.







*BREAKING NEWS 16th March* We raised over £200. Well done to everyone.

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