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Post-It Project..

Created by Bang-yao Liu of Savannah College of Art and Design as part of his senior project. The idea came from every time when he is busy, feeling that he is constantly fighting with post-it notes and deadlines.. for more and see the making of here..

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The lost tribes of New York City

My good friend Tom Lines, copy writer extraordinaire, put this on his Facebook page. I liked and thought you might too. Watch closely.

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Test Tube Water..


Ô Water is not a retail product, but was produced for a stunt event for an event production company. The bottle is supposedly quite small, to mimic the effect of a test tube based on the idea of a ‘specimen of purity’. Produced by Axygene they are based in Montreal, Canada.

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Green Sleeves

Sean Martindale and Eric Cheung two Toronto based artists collaborated for the first time on this project with the aim to help activate public space.  First, they cut triangular shapes directly into the thick existing poster layers.  Then they peeled back those layers, wrapping the outside edge of the cut-out posters back into the pole to form the cones.

Only staples were needed to hold the cones in place and support the soil and flowers planted, with some cones needing extra poster paper wheat-pasted onto the underside.  All of the cones have an aeration hole at the bottom and are placed in a corkscrew patter that allows water to flow from one plant to the next.

Sean and Eric welcome their pocket plant design being used by others, so long as it isn’t for profit.  Although not meant to last, they have already noticed that someone has been adding flowers to at least one of the planters, while several other planters have been stolen from their pole.




Found at… 

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Designing Type with Cars…

When two type designers, an interactive artist, and a professional race car driver got together… a font was born.

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What’s wrong with you?


Help 2

help remedies packaging is something that you would be proud to have in your medicine cabinet (or to be honest outside it). I love the fact you don’t have to work out which medicine you need to sort out the aches and pains of your body.

But not only do thay have very nice packaging they have a very open and friendly manner about their brand and the brand ethics. This is them talking about their eco friendly packaging –

“we will lead ecological change by example. Healthcare packaging is usually made from oil and take’s centuries to disappear. We would like to show people that very nice packaging can be made from other types of materials. We’ve made our outer packaging of corn resin and paper pulp. We do use some plastic to surround the pills, but we don’t want to and we are working to change this.”

I found the packaging on The Dieline where you’ll see even more images of the packaing, and please check out help’s website to read more about the brand and make sure you check out the “bored?” section.

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Pimp My Garage… door?

Now available from, garage door covers giving the passer-by an impression of an open garage and and making them take a second glance at whats actually inside.. pictures include amongst others, planes, new & classic cars, animals and different scenery. Covers for windows and normal doors are also available.






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Inside Outside sponsorship.

Cool use of sponsorship



Found at…

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Resident Evil T-Shirt

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Ugly Betty Bottle…

Coca-Cola Great Britain will hit Selgridges stores this summer with the new stunning collectible ‘diet Coke’ Betty Bottle, inspired by the hit TV show ‘Ugly Betty’.

For the second time the brand has teamed up with New York celebrity stylist Patricia Field who designed last year the Diet Coke City Collection.


New ‘Betty Bottle’ is more than just a packaging, it’s the perfect backdrop for the ‘diet Coke’ drinker to create their own bespoke interpretation of modern day life.  The accessories comes in a gorgeous sticker book so you can customise your own bottle and put your unique twist onto it.

Diet Coke Betty Bottle available only at Selfridges stores.


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Brannigans are back…

UK food producer United Buscuits (UB) has relaunched Brannigans crisps with a new pack design resembling the brand’s original brown paper packaging.

Besides the packaging revamp, the company reduced the content of saturated fat by 65%.

Now there are 2 flavours in the new low-fat range – roast beef and mustard and smoked ham and pickle.


Director of bagged snacks for UB, said: “Brannigans has always had a very loyal consumer base due to its strong British flavours and quality ingredients.

“There is a growing consumer demand for nostalgia brands and we feel that the new packaging will strike a chord with those who remember the old brown paper bag.”

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Absolut No Label…


The Nuance Group Sweden has been selected as the launch partner for The Absolut Company’s new release in travel-retail. Absolut No Label is a limited edition of the 40% abv Absolut vodka and will be available exclusively at Nuance’s Swedish duty-free stores until the end of June.The Absolut No Label bottles are numbered and contain no label or logo. They feature only a removable campaign sticker with the website address, where consumers can find more information and give feedback. The product was launched on May 22 and in Scandinavian travel-retail the exclusivity deal will be extended until the end of August.

Read more at…

“The packaging ties in with the NO LABEL blog, a place where we – ABSOLUT VODKA – want to challenge labels and prejudice about sexual minorities. There are too many labels associated with the LGBT-community and with this initiative we want to find a way around them. We have launched a naked bottle with no label and no logo, to manifest the idea that no matter what’s on the outside, it’s the inside that really matters.” -Absolut.

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Lola’s Kitchen

Lola’s Kitchen bake yummy cupcakes and bring them round to your house. The obvious popularity of this idea meant Lola’s needed a strong brand identity to help support their growth.

Campbell coined the line ‘Hand Crafted Cupcakes’ to communicate the essence of what Lola’s do, and designed them an identity to illustrate the nature of their business across all media, from a sugar coated logo to pastel coloured stationery and packaging, and even – quite literally – the icing on the cake”

Designed by Campbell Hay:



See more here…

And check out Lola’s here…

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Pudding Packaging for Everyone

In a design study about the development of brand identities people no longer simply buy what they need; they buy what reflects their own image.  The content of your shopping-cart is a mirror of your own identity/personality. So German based designer Yvonne Neweth has designed 30 different pudding packages to suit every kind of pudding buyer. This is great, taking personalization of the product for the costumer to the next level.

Designed by Yvonne Neweth , a Dusseldorf Germany based designer:

To see the full range of designs visit the


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A ‘Whopping’ mistake


Burger King has been forced to apologise to Hindus after it showed a revered Indian goddess with a ‘forbidden’ Whopper burger.

Someone really didn’t do their research

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Green Boxer Day…

To coincide with Green Britain Day we here at boxer decided to continue the colour theme day we started last week with wearing green to work. Here we are looking oh so lovely in varying different shades of green. crop-for-blog1 Of course we are taking it more seriously than just wearing a green top, we will also being do a number of eco friendly things today. To find out more about Green Britain Day check out the website, there’s lots of events going on today.

Today, our aim is to do our little bit for the environment by:
– switching off lights in unused rooms
– not printing anything (especially from the colour printer) unless we really need to
– washing up cups to use again rather than using fresh ones each time
– carsharing or cycling into work if you can
– buying locally produced, not overpackaged food
– refusing a plastic bag from the shops if you don’t really need one


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Kitchen Ecology

Kitchen ecology exhibition, graphic illustration design by designboom


From the humble fireplace to electrical oven cooktops, kitchens have evolved over time to become much more than simply an area for cooking. Nowadays it is a place for eating and socializing- an integral part of our daily lifestyle. As the new hub of the modern home, we expect more from our kitchen – convenience, comfort, cleanliness, the latest technology – while simultaneously demanding less – less energy consumption, water usage, and waste.

It’s a delicate balance, and one that is in a constant state of development. It’s now time for a kitchen strategy session, making it the ideal place to reduce our environmental impact. Just like with any recipe, we need to modify our habits and experiment with new (and old) ingredients and methods to be successful.

This curated group show expresses subjects and details of our kitchen environment by analyzing the ongoing conflict of ecology and consumerism. It features works from well known designers and the
freshest young and upcoming international talents, exploring ways to tweak the basic ingredients to produce the most eco-friendly, energy efficient models possible.


A view of the kitchen ecology exhibition, curated by designboom.


Gas basket by junktion

Bowls made from cut gas cylinders with rubber edging by the israeli design team Junktion.


The soil lamp by marieke staps

Marieke staps uses conductive plates made from copper and zinc buried within the soil to provide constant and (nearly) eternal light for a LED bulb.

Find out more at the designboom website.

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Virtual Tour round Jacko’s Arcade

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Opening Cinematic for The Beatles – Rockband

How lovely is this. Soooooo good openeing cinematic. Looks alot like a Honda / Coke advert in some bits, but still the effects and 3D are sublime!



Watch the Opening Cinematic here…

Produced by Passion Pictures…

Found at Made in England…

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People Power

As I was thumbing my way through the paper on Saturday, my usually swift perusal was interupted by a really impactful ad for Cafe Direct, the Fairtrade tea, coffee and cocoa company.  Here it is in all its glory:

cafe_direct0021This was one of the best print ads I have seen in a while, purely for it’s stand-out and the powerful message it’s projecting.  The large  image of Raymond Kimaro, a grower for the Kilimanjaro ground coffee product (and on the Board of Directors I later find out), instantly made me go, “Who’s this guy all up in my grill?” Supported by some great copy, as they intertwine English with what I believe is Kiswahili (according to the website I just checked).  I also have a lot of time for the line, “We are the Growers and You Can Taste It.”

It’s a great example of a brand telling their story through simple and effective design, and telling it in a way that is both relevant and believeable.

After looking on Cafe Direct’s website, they continue to tell the story with a simple and effective website that has some great photography and takes the same slant as the print ads; people, then product. Reading further, the growers actually have a share in the company and future profits, with the website informing me about the last meet up in Kampala between all stakeholders. I like the amount of transparency that they’ve created with the brand and it’s damn fine to see. And with a new website coming soon, I’m intrigued to see what their next evolution is.


Through focusing on their people, Cafe Direct know that they then create a superior product; I don’t know this for sure as I haven’t put it to consumer testing but it doesn’t need that seal of approval, the ads and website give you all the approval you need as they portray the sense of pride and love that these growers put into the coffee. I think it’s fair to say that I like this. I have no idea how its sales are doing, but it would make me feel better about the coffee I drink.

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No longer a place for friends…


With mass employee layoffs, declining marketing dollars, and millions of annoyed users, social networking site MySpace has appropriately downsized their logo. While hardly worth mentioning (design-wise), the change marks the beginning of the end for a site which was once the most popular of its kind… read more here

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McDonald’s OAP Billboard


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In the pink

We’ve decided that as colour is so important to us as a design agency that one day every week should be dedicated to a different colour. Today is pink day, purely as a nod to our colleague in Boxer Chicago, Claire Wightman, who just loves all things pink.


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Keeping warm


A couple of weeks ago I popped into a Waitrose Supermarket, which I don’t often have the pleasure of doing as there isn’t one really near me. As I wondered round fawning over all their lovely packaging a came across this innovative packaging for a Polish Vodka, Zubrowka. Obviously really stands out on the shelf. Check there website out also, takes a little while to load, but has nice little features and ideas such as a bartender showing you how to mix cocktails (could have been done a little better, but still a nice idea). Check it out here

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Typographic Kitchen

A nice typographic packaging solution for a new retail concept – The Kitchen by Design Friendship, a UK based agency. More info & pics at…



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