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Boxer Win at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2009

It was a momentous occasion for Boxer last night as we won a DBA Design Effectiveness Award, hoorah!

For those of you who may not know about the wonders of the DBA, it stands for the Design Business Association and the Design Effectiveness Awards are the most respected within the UK design industry because they recognise, reward and promote the integral role effective design plays in the creation of business growth. They are also the only design awards that use commercial data as a key judging criteria.

We entered the McDonald’s Global Quality Packaging into the ‘Design Management’ category which the DBA describe as the following:

“Rewarding outstanding examples of effective management where entrants can demonstrate success in overcoming exceptional hurdles to deliver significant commercial benefits, achieving organisational objectives and in gaining competitive advantage.”

McDonald's Global Quality Packaging

You can see our submission and even download a PDF of it on the rather slick awards website, which you will find here.

A big congratulations has to go to everyone on both sides of the Atlantic who has worked on this mammoth project and helped deliver one of, if not, THE biggest packaging project the world has ever seen.

Look out for some photos from the evening’s shenanigans soon.

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Hot Tinnies

Lingerie soda design created by Russian Designer Ramm ND.

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Brand Identity Crisis

I’d heard a lot about it, but I hadn’t seen it for the first time until this past weekend. It is a new work from Grayson Perry, The Walthamstow Tapestry, that according to the Victoria Miro gallery “explores the emotional resonance of brand names in our lives and our quasi-religious relationship to consumerism. Charting man’s passage from birth to death, the tapestry is peppered with leading brands encountered along the way.” Inspired by antique batik fabrics from Malaysia as well as eastern European folk art, it shows colourful modern life stories of people going about their everyday lives: walking the dog, nursing children, skateboarding, hoovering (for my yank compatriots reading: vacuuming), and, of course, shopping.


What’s interesting is that these brand names run alongside these every day stories. The brands stripped of their logos and identity; go almost unnoticed as written stories present throughout the mural.  Essentially, it’s a virtual who’s who list of the world’s leading names, from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Tiffany to ever day brands like McDonald’s and Marks and Spencer.

Viewing the piece felt like the start of an interesting conversation about the importance of identity in our lives. Conversations that will have a wide and lasting impact on a variety of dimensions. Personal identity. Brand identity. Social identity. What role does brand identity play in our own identities today? What role will it play in future?

The art commentators say “Perry is a great chronicler of contemporary life, in whose work sentiment and nostalgia sit subversively alongside fear and anger.”

I say, it’s certainly an opportunity for brands to engage in the bigger conversation and shape a future that is more relevant and meaningful than ever.

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Award Winning Boxer

dbaMarketing Design Awards
Can we get a whoop whoop?! Or maybe even a high five? What about a cheeky pat on the bum?

Whatever you decide to give us, they all work because Boxer has won a DBA Design Effectiveness Award and is a finalist for a Marketing Design Award. Both awards are for our McDonald’s Global Quality Packaging work and it’s top top news that we have even been mentioned for these prestigious accolades.


We find out on the 22nd October whether we have won a Gold, Silver or Bronze Design Effectiveness Award in the ‘Design Management’ category, so we will update as soon as we are back in the office from the big shindig.

As for the Marketing Design Awards, the 4th November is when we find out if we have won the packaging category. The whole office wait with baited breath for both award nights but it’s just great to see all of our hard work getting recognised.

Look out for an update next week of our shenanigans at the Design Effectiveness Awards. You may even get to see some creative types wearing suits, ludicrous I know!

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OxjamBrum – 24th Oct 09′


Showcasing the very best of local, grassroots music whilst embracing national upcoming talent this will encompass over thirty acts, over six venues and all for one ticket which will be exchanged for a wristband on the day. Whilst October sees people hosting their own events up and down the country to help raise awareness for Oxfam’s work on Climate Change, Saturday 24 October sees the city centre venues of Birmingham unite to host OxjamBrum’s Festival.

The venues involved are The Flapper, The Prince of Wales, Basement Bar, The Victoria, Island Bar and the Sunflower Lounge. Here’s the list of bands.

The point of it all is to help raise awareness for Oxfam’s work on climate change. Tickets are only £6.


Found on CIB

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Go local or global – Levitt steps into the debate


I’m looking forward to this book by Levitt and Dubner, especially to read about the contrasting standpoints of the locavore movement and global food brands. Brands are often beaten up for the very fact that they are global. This book may present the simple economic fact that scale of production directly relates to efficiency, which in turn relates to use of resources per unit of food produced. Locally produced food production will have to get more efficient anyway given that demand seems to be growing for it so an equilibrium will be reached at some point. Fascinating to see who will come out on top of this brewing debate now Levitt and chum have stepped in. … I’ll order it and let you know!

“There’s an artful takedown of the fashionable “locavore” movement: transportation, Levitt and Dubner argue, accounts for such a small part of food’s carbon footprint that buying all-local can make matters worse, because small farms use energy less efficiently than big ones.”

Quote from The Guardian, click here to read more…

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Christmas Vital Stats 09′


Created by Cookie over at Made In England…

Basically you fill out one and give it to your partner (or whoever you’re expecting a present off), or get them to fill out one for you so you don’t blow a surprise by asking for a particular.

Download the boys checklist and girls checklist here…

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Stop brand personality?

This latest hiatus about Vitamin Water is a good example of the challenge brands have in defining the gap between celebrating the human side of a brand and getting into a tangle with the state. The nutritional information on Vitamin is clear for all to see on pack and those consumers who really want to know what is in their food and drink will find an abundance of information at their fingertips. Some would say there is too much information. Playful, clever or irreverent use of words are age-old ways advertisers have used to engage consumers.The sadness of this situation is that the state has to protect those who cannot be think for themselves beyond the advertising – children in particular.

BBC Report


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