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Birmingham Social Media Surgery


Taken from the website…

Next Central Birmingham Social Media Surgery – Friday 20 November 0 Comments As the cold weather draws us ever nearer towards winter – why not hibernate on the web and enjoy some friendly conversation about social media to warm the cockles. We have scheduled in the next central Birmingham Social Media Surgery session at the Fazeley Studios, Digbeth for November (please note this date has changed – there will be no surgery on Thursday 12 November).

When and where? CENTRAL BRUM Social Media Surgery: Friday 20 November, 2009 between 5.30pm and 7pm at The Fazeley Studios, 191 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6DR (link to map), opposite The Bond. Push the large pale blue doors with the silver door knob. This particular surgery has a twist. We are inviting those who have already been to a surgery to come back and develop their skills and build on their sites. Don’t worry if you’ve left a blog dormant for months – the point of this November surgery is to take you to the next level and show you some inspiring things other people have done with social media. Even though this surgery is aimed at those who would like to improve on their social media skills, everyone is welcome, and we can work with you according to your level and needs. If you belong to a Birmingham based community or neighbourhood group or charity please come and join us, you can drop in any time between 5.30pm and 7pm.


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You can make the front page…

Every day this week The Sun Newspaper will be reproducing iconic front pages from the past four decades, like one of our best known editions, Freddie Starr ate my hamster from 1986.

But this is a front page with a difference! If you look closely at the image – and click through using your mouse – you will notice that you are looking at a never-ending mosaic made up of hundreds of images of loyal MYSun readers.



Check it out here…

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Screen WM’s Festival of Film…

Screen WM’s Festival of Film gives you the chance to enjoy free screenings of sensational films that have been inspired by, produced or filmed in the West Midlands.

From 16 – 29 November 2009 catch 12 different films at 8 venues across the region, and hear more from writers and directors at special Q&A sessions.



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A giant “digital cloud” that would “float” above London’s skyline has been outlined by an international team of architects, artists and engineers.

The construction would include 120m- (400ft-) tall mesh towers and a series of interconnected plastic bubbles that can be used to display images and data. The Cloud, as it is known, would also be used an observation deck and park. The unconventional structure was originally envisaged as a centre piece of the city’s Olympic village.

The CLOUD proposes an entirely new form of observation deck,connecting visitors to both the whole of London and the whole of the world, immersing them in euphoric gusts of weather and digital data. Each individual footstep on the ascent to the CLOUD participates in a vast collective energy-harvesting effort. Everyone around the world can contribute to the Cloud – whether by visiting or by sponsoring an LED, helping to keep the London lamp aflame.




Found at BBC news…

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The Open Road London (1927)

Claude Friese-Greene (3 May 1898, Fulham, London – 1943, Islington, London), British-born cinema technician, filmmaker, and cinematographer, most famous for his 1926 collection of films entitled The Open Road. Claude, born Claude Harrison Greene was the son of William Friese-Greene, a pioneer in early cinematography. William began the development of an additive colour film process called Biocolour.

This process produced the illusion of true colour by exposing each alternate frame of ordinary black-and-white film stock through a two different coloured filters. Each alternate frame of the monochrome print was then stained red or green. Although the projection of Biocolour prints did provide a tolerable illusion of true colour, it suffered from noticeable flickering and red-and-green fringing when the subject was in rapid motion. In an attempt to overcome the colour fringing problem, a faster-than-usual frame rate was used.


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Boxer in the awards again

In what is fast becoming known as ‘Awards Season’, Boxer has received another pat on the back for our McDonald’s Global Quality Packaging. The Marketing Design Awards were held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London yesterday, where the delectable duo of Sonia and Al D represented Boxer.

We were in the hotly contested packaging category, with 7 finalists in total. Unfortunately, we did not win the top prize but we did come in second and were “Highly Commended” by the judges. The lovely Jo W can be seen with our award and McDonald’s packaging below:

Marketing Design Awards

Once again, we are all very proud in the office and so I think some congratulatory hugs are in order…aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…that was just what we all needed. Go team and all that!

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