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Design Currency

The theme of Design Currency 2010 is ‘Defining the Value of Design’. To promote the event and play off the ideas of currency and value, we designed and printed over 2200 custom bills and fed them through a money counter to create this animation.

How do you define the value of design? Join us in Vancouver from 26-30 April 2010 and be part of the discussion. Register today!

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Packaging design at its worst…

Poor packaging design doesn’t get much worse than these individually-wrapped bananas, complete with plastic shrink-wrap and (very non-biodegradable) polystyrene..

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Music Pill..

Innovative album packaging for Marrow’s latest release, Sunshine Enema. The album is included on a USB flash drive in the shape of a pill, in a prescription pill bottle with the inlay as an instructional leaflet. More images>

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101 Reasons to Value Design- Reason No. 1

Defining the value of sustainable packaging design sometimes raises more questions than answers. Governments are legislating reductions, but will they invest in the materials innovation required to achieve it? Special interest groups focused on reducing the negative environmental impact of packaging are demanding the elimination of packaging waste, but will consumers actually change the behaviour required to make this possible? Will they really purchase products that offer better environmental benefit? Launched on Earth Day 2010, the newly compostable Sun Chips bag will be an interesting case to follow.

Sun Chips Compostable Chip Bag Earth Day 2010

They’ve got the consumer communication right, and the materials right, (it would seem). But only time will tell if this strategy actually inspires consumers to do their part in the overall packaging reduction by actually composting the bags.

If changing consumer behavior seems too great a challenge, then perhaps we should take a more radical approach and simply eliminate packaging completely. This entertaining video reminds us that the value of packaging plays a more practical role in our every day lives by creating a convenient, safe and hygienic way to carry food.

Packaging is not JUST about having too much!

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15 events at Ikon Eastside Birmingham

23rd-28th March 2010 / Birmingham UK

Back for six days of cinematic adventures in venues across Birmingham, Flatpack 2010 is shaping up quite nicely. As ever the programme is a lucky dip of the best new features, animation, documentaries, shorts, kids movies and experimental film, along with live scores, bus-tours, workshops, special guests and loads of free screenings. There’s also a bit of a 1930s flavour to our archive strand in honour of ‘patron saint’ Oscar Deutsch, who created the Odeon cinema empire from nothing and brought modernist super-cinemas to Britain’s high streets.


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Burger King Portrait

Burger King recently partnered up with marketing agency Ogilvy for a unique “Have It Your Way” campaign. In order to convey how personalized the orders are, they used a hidden camera and printer to slap a candid photograph of the customer’s face right on the burger wrapper. A separate hidden camera was used to document the reactions of the customers after seeing themselves on their food.

Some customers pulled out cameras to remember the unique wrapper, while others stated they would save the wrapper itself. I found it pretty funny how unflattering the candid portraits were.

(via CNET)


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A book for your MacBook

Twelve South are a company who exclusively design beautiful Mac accessories and the BookBook is no different. The BookBook a hard back leather case for your MacBook, available in either 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook-ready sizes. Inside is a soft, velvety lining, with enough padding to keep your MacBook safe while it’s being carried around. Twin zippers have leather pulls that match the case. Buy and more pics here >

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Paint your home Pantone…

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“And Then There Was Salsa”

Check out this…

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