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Ninja Knees

Just spotted this cheeky little invention on PSFK called the ‘Chairless‘. It has been designed by Alejandro Aravena and is described as, “a seating device for the modern Nomad.”

Here at Boxer, we were rather jealous of how comfortable this lady looked, so we wanted to experience this seating innovation for ourselves. Unfortunately the first batch of Chairless have sold out so we had no option but to get creative. Thanks to our ever resourceful Account Director, Helen T, we were able to create our own device using two straps from a laptop bag. See below…

If you have such materials available to you, we thoroughly recommend you give it a try because quite frankly, it’s one of the most comfortable sit downs any of us has ever had.

As you will see from our photos, the contraption is able to cater for the small and tall among us with equally satisfying results. Due to this earlier article on PSFK we have named our copycat invention, ‘The Ninja Knee’. Quite apt I think you’ll agree. All I have to say is…turn that frown upside down and have a sit down.

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8-Bit Attack on New York

Love this. Some great animation and post production skills…

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Discover more animation and arts videos.

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Acting randomly kind…

Whilst driving home last night and listening to Richard Madeley on Radio 2 (I know a bit weird but he was doing quite a good job), on the business spot they featured something that peaked my interest. A not for profit clothing range that encourages Acts of Random Kindness.The idea is that you perform one Act of Random Kindness (an Ark°), every time our brand is worn. The clothing acts as a reminder to be kind, allowing you to look good while doing good (hurrah!). Even the idea of this makes me feel nice and fuzzy.

There is a nice little following, with a facebook page and twitter where people publish their arks and what happened to them.

Find Ark here and their facebook page is here

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“So…what’s hot right now?”

Through the always informative I found this article on a programme called ‘Frontline’ made by the US TV station PBS all the way back in 2001. The particular episode was titled, ‘The Merchants of Cool’. You can watch the 6 part episode here.

Over the 40 minute programme it goes on to discuss how corporate America go about finding “cool” and how they pay big bucks in order to find it. The fact that 5 companies pretty much run the distribution of “cool” in the US is somewhat scary. And although it’s not a surprise how corporate America go after finding “cool”, it’s still endlessly entertaining to watch the “suits” trying to do some street talk to the kids and how a seemingly average kid ends up shaping “cool.” I promise that is the last time I will use that word in this blog.

Potentially the most amusing part of the show comes within the first 2 minutes when a focus group facilitator asks, “so…what’s hot right now? Just shout it out.” There’s no warm up for the teenage lads in attendance or prompts or anything, just an unashamed desperation to find out what makes teenagers tick. He could have at least touched knuckles with them all first. I will let you discover what the reaction of 5 teenage boys, each getting paid $125 for their time was. I also suggest you read this article from the Ruby Pseudo blog on “Things you’ll never hear us say in a focus group.”

Many of the trends are still valid for today and you wonder whether advertising and brands have really moved on that much in the last 10 years? Or another way of posing that question, have brands become lazy in being creative and genuinely original in how they communicate and interact with this generation (insert latest letter with which the youth of today are being titled)? Or, has “cool” (Sorry, I broke a promise, I do apologise) not become that much “cooler”? Is it easier to find “cool” these days thanks to the super internet highway? Perhaps “cool” has become more democratic, rather than being reserved for the minority?

The answer to all these questions I do not know. What I do know though,  is that I was a teenager in 2001. I bought the Limp Bizkit album. I drooled over Britney. I most definitely did watch MTV. And I did used to think that if my parents decided to move to America I would be able to dominate at football and be the coolest kid in the class. Alas, that didn’t happen and I am no longer a teenager, but the affect the ‘Coolhunters’ of corporate America had on my life is probably greater than I would like to give them credit.

I have hope that the teenagers of today are somewhat wiser than me and my friends, challenging brands to work harder and be more creative in order to be a part of their lives in constantly surprising, interesting and relevant ways. It’ll certainly keep our jobs more entertaining.

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iphone desk phone

Got yourself a lovely iphone, but still have to use your deskphone for other reasons. Keep forgetting your iphone charger. Too many wires and gadgets clogging up your desk… all these problems solved with this cool gadget.

It looks like something out of Star Trek, a bit of 70s chic. Unfortunatly I don’t think it’s on sale yet, but surely more similar gadgets to follow.

Find out more here

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