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Beyond the M25!

After a comment from Dave Sweeney on our SoakitUp blog, I stumbled accross his new collective, a great up and coming resource for creatives who don’t live or work within the walls of the M25…

BeyondM25 has been set up by me, Dave Sweeney, a proud dad and graphic designer from sunny Luton, why…

I live close enough to London to be aware of the buzz surrounding the creative industries, but far enough away from it so as not be able to claim to be part of it. But that doesn’t make me want to be any less of a part of it!

Start up a collective of people who also live / work ‘Beyond the M25’ who have just as much enthusiasm for the creative industries as those who live within it but don’t have the access they would like.

In a nutshell:
BeyondM25 aims to be a collective of like-minded individuals who share an interest and passion for creativity and to prove there is life ‘Beyond the M25’.

Check it out. Great site to keep an eye on / participate in.

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Boxer 16th in Design Week Top 100

We have received some very good news in the Boxer office today. The Design Week Top 100 List was published and it seems we have done very well indeed.

Our meteoric rise has seen us climb 21 places to 16th in the list. Can I get a “whoop whoop?” Or perhaps an “AWOOGA!”. What ever your preference, this is good times all round for the Boxer collective. It certainly feels good to be sixteen again.

And yes, that is a cheeky bit of evening sunshine coming through on to our Soak it Up board.

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Brian Jungen

This piece of work by Brian Jungen caught my eye. Very striking in color ‘the peoples flag’ was made entirly of mass produced items, clothing, toys, bags etc.

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Where does the best vodka come from?

Well apparently it’s here in good ol’ Blighty. News which I’m sure the Russians and Polish are not happy about. The Vodka that has won this accolade, given by the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, is Chase Vodka. Chase comes from the same man that bought Tyrrell’s Crisps to us, and of course is made entirely by potatoes.

There is a very interesting article about Chase vodka and building small brands on the BBC website. William Chase talks about how he built up the now well known and respected Tyrrell’s and how he built up the Chase Vodka brand. He says about how important brands are – “It has really helped to build up the brand’s profile, which is vital. You can have the best product in the world, but it won’t sell if the brand isn’t strong.”

Read more here. Vist Chase’s website here.

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Whilst stuck in Washington Matt and I bumped into these wonderful totem poles made from golf bags. Great exhibition within the Indian museum.

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Retro lucky

Great retro/heritage packaging spotted at Frankfurt airport.

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Boxer Web Site Update

We have just launched a new and improved website for ourselves. We have included more work and some new snippets about the way we work and our culture. Hope you like it.

Check it out here…

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Pantone plus…

Being a designer, and as any designer around the world will testify, I love Pantone. There is nothing like getting a fresh pantone book in, or discovering they’ve introduced some new pantone colours into their range. Well they have now introduced Pantone Plus and here’s a little video with an insight into how Pantone work. Very interesting from a geeky point of view.

There a 224 new solid colours, and they are now all aranged in chromatic order for easier searching. I think it maybe time to update those Pantone books.

Found here first. Find out more at Pantone

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Google Chrome Speed Tests

Nice video from Google for their new ‘speedy’ browser. However someone on YouTube spotted some detail…

Google state that they are using a 15Mbps connection, however the browser loads from the C: drive on the Laptop! Ooops.

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don’t get lost..

Taken by my cousin on a recent trip to India.. over there apparently they take extra special care and expense to make sure you go the right way to wherever you’re going..

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