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Happy Flappers

Last Thursday we had our Christmas Party, a time to celebrate our hard work from the past year. Share a few drinks with the great bunch of people we work with, and generally end up making a fool of ourselves. This year we went to an organised event at Edgbaston cricket ground. A 30s theme of Putting on the Glitz had been set and we prepared ourselves for an evening of fun. Whilst enjoying our meal there were 2 competitions set, the first making a chandelier out of balloons, which being a creative bunch, of course we won. The second was a Charleston dance competition, and this was the time for 2 of our leaders to shine. Step up Angelique Green and Paul Castledine and as you will see from the video they did us proud. They won hands down, as voted for by the audience, and there we had a boxer whitewash. We rock!!

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A sweet look at Birmingham by night..

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The many faces of our beloved Saint Nick

Santa’s got more looks than London Fashion Week.

So which one is best? Here’s my top 10.

In at….

10. “It’s all about the corporateness”. Not even Gok could have as much impact on a mans wardrobe as Coca Cola did back 1931 when they dressed him red and white for the first time (didn’t do much for his natural figure though).

9. James Brown Santa – Popa’s got a brand new sac.

8. Rock’n’Roll Santa – That’s right Santa likes fags, must be Nöel Gallagher.

7. Santa In a Monster Truck – Every year Santa rides into Wolverhampton town centre in a Monster Truck, I kid you not.

6. Mr Hankey Santa – ‘If you eat fibre on Christmas eve he might come to your town – Howdy Ho!’

5. Big Al Santa – Our very own Big Al made this Christmas Eve appearance back in 2008. He even went down the pub like it.

4. Christmas dogs – Santa Paws

3. Ho Ha Ha! – Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places, the funniest Santa ever.

2. Mr T Santa – Mr T tells Nancy Reagan ‘I aint gettin in no sleigh fool!’.

1. Santa Claus The Movie Santa – Optimus Prime, a ZX Spectrum, a Raleigh Burner, an X-Wing fighter… so excited I would nearly wet myself. This is the Santa of my childhood!

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Boxer Christmas Movie Quiz 2010

Here is the Boxer 2010 Christmas greeting card in the form of a movie quiz…

Click on the link to see the film or leave us your score and how you got on below.

We hope you enjoyed watching our Boxer Christmas Movie Quiz?
Let us know how you got on by leaving a message below.
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Boxer Christmas Movie Quiz

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The Power of the Stocking Filler

Over the last few years the ever “presents” (see what I did there) of the stocking filler seems to be growing and growing. There seem to be more and more shops and online stores purely dedicated to smaller, cheaper gifts that nobody actually really wants and you hardly ever use after the big day. When did it become the norm for every person in the household to have a stocking and not just kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no different I now “do” a stocking for my parents and me and my siblings still have them and I would be sorely disappointed if we didn’t have one. The title of the stocking filler to have, I’m sure will become as sort after as the Christmas toy to have. As I said I love my stocking on Christmas morning, but I do feel a little disillusioned with the material aspect added to this once simple pleasure of gold coins, walnuts, an orange and the obligatory socks.

Breo watches are one of my favourite stocking fillers from the past couple of years, and from the humble Breo Roam, which costs less than a tenner, the company seems to be growing and growing.

You can even get specialist stockings for your pets. These ones are from The Stylish Dog Company

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Crooner Christmas at Argos

I know this ad has been on for quite a while now and is done in the same vain as the old VW ‘singing in the rain’ advert, but I still love it and is really well done – check out the ‘making of’ video below too…

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Video cards…a good idea?

I recently over heard someone saying how fed up they were of receiving e-cards as opposed to traditional cards through the post which got me thinking….

Video and e-cards…good idea or bad idea?

The problem is that the majority of viral cards out there are just awful! Badly drawn, badly animated or produced on the cheap with little or no thought. The effect is the same as receiving a cheap, flimsy Christmas card through the post, you just know this was sent because you were on a tick list and it certainly wasn’t chosen and selected especially for you! However, opening up a funny or in some way personalised card or even better, a homemade card is a very nice thing indeed and you feel happy to put it up with the others as opposed to popping it on the fire or in the bin!

There is, however, the ‘Carbon Footprint’ argument. Why add to the already ‘depleting rain forest’ problem along with the carbon emitting postal vans and or planes/trains when you can send a carefully selected, funny and personalised e-card or Video message for next to nothing?

I still think I would rather receive a lovely Christmas card to open on a personal level but on a Business level where you are sending best wishes and Christmas greetings to, in some cases hundreds of people in one company, a well produced and carefully considered Video or e-card, which puts a smile on the face of the recipient is definitely the way forward.
I mean, how many people would stop and read the single Christmas card stuck up in reception or the boss’s office and who actually gets the one bottle of wine you sent?
A Video greeting or e-card goes to everyone in the company and if it’s any good will get passed around virally thus benefitting your company even more! If it is carefully chosen or better still well made, well thought out and good fun it wins hands down for me, every time.

My conclusion is that if you are going to send video cards, e-cards or traditional cards, quality is of paramount importance!


This is a good example of a fun, well considered Video card from a company called 1576 sent and posted on YouTube in 2006. 6 years old and still doing the rounds. Nice!

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A Magical Christmas Story for Everyone to Enjoy by Paul C

Ever since I was a Junior Designer working in retail (once upon a time long ago), I have been fascinated and excited by Department Store Christmas Windows.

Each year I await the launch of these seasonal masterpieces with the eagerness of a kid on Christmas Eve… This is Christmas magic!

Telling the latest Christmas Story through visual merchandising is a creative skill that is often under appreciated.
Whether the visual story is more traditional or a unique modern take, these works of art light up our High Streets, spread a warm feeling and act as magnets for the pull of our Christmas pounds.

Check out three of the UK’s finest below:

Harvey Nichols – from Smudgetikka

Harrods – from The Fashion Scout

Selfridges – from Boy Meets Fashion

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Christmas ads are coming!

Yes, indeedy! It’s once again that time of year,

Where everywhere we look, begins to smack of Christmas cheer!

I think these lip smacking pot noodles have got their cheeky tone just right! I’m just hoping the noodle van makes it through the snow to pay a visit to the shed!

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Let it snow…

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