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Holistic Packaging by Design

At Boxer, we’re big believers in what we call Holistic Packaging by Design, and when we’re working with our clients it’s always on our minds. Heres our examples of three of our all-time favourite brands that we believe represent true HPD, which from experience we know comes from breaking down siloed thinking, in order to maximise a brand and packaging’s chances of success.

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Halloween Stories for the Season

After a brisk fall walk with my friend and our dogs, we met for dinner and there was a display of miniature Halloween houses like those in the familiar Christmas villages of that season, except instead of snow capped chimneys and spinning ice skaters in the park, this one featured creepy spiderweb ensconced houses and a tower with a revolving disk with a Dracula like figure chasing a woman.

Indeed, in the U.S. at least, Halloween has become the second most popular holiday for decorating after Christmas. And spurred by the Halloween village at the restaurant, and being storytellers at heart, the Boxer team set out to see what kinds of Halloween tales are being told in the real villages we live in.

Although you might expect that there is a universal take on Halloween, our search around our villages show that all kinds of archetypes and stories are revealed.

All Halloween stories have at their core a good versus evil theme. Some of these stories are lighthearted and some quite dark. And some take the lighthearted and make them dark.



A great example of archetypes at work in exploring this theme is what we saw in two houses both telling a similar story, but one in the spirit of Jester playfulness and another in a inventive (rather torturous) spirit of Creator.


We saw Innocents making what is universally scary (ghosts!) friendly, and Heroes standing tall waiting to protect us from unwelcome guests…


Caregiver households welcomed you with the comforts of autumn awaiting inside and while others in the wise manner of a Sage warning you “not so much.”

halloween4But it really wouldn’t be Halloween without an appearance from the Magician, because any Halloween story, good or evil, is about transformation. So ghoul or ghost, sinner or saint, Halloween is time for all of to tap our alter egos, and transform ourselves into something we aren’t, or want to be, this one day a year.


From all of us at Boxer, we wish you all a great Halloween, be sure to check out our Halloween party pics on Facebook and Twitter!

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Are you holistic?…

Do you work holistically? Find out by taking our quiz . Let us know your results.


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Boxer Loves Halloween

The air is chilly and the nights are dark, this must mean one thing  Halloween must be upon us. It is believed the souls of the dead roamed the streets and villages at night. Since not all spirits were thought to be friendly, gifts and treats were left out to appease the evil.

Trick or treat? Personally we are treat kind of people, so this month we are bringing you some freakishly good design to peruse, so sit back, lock the doors and check out these beautifully ghoulish delights.


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Pancake Apes

These are great. Skip to 1.04.

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Opinion: What is ‘good’ packaging?

We’re often asked what ‘good’ packaging is, but ‘good’ can mean many different things. Here Boxer’s very own Brian Wagner talks to us about what ‘good’ packaging looks like to him.

Click here to view the free opinion piece:

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