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The Easter Bunny: A Brand Mystery

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With Easter upon us and many of us Boxer’s scrambling to build baskets and colour eggs in anticipation of the Easter Bunny, it occurred to us that Mr. Bunny’s origins are quite vague.

As a brand, of course, bunnies in general have come to be emblematic of Easter but what lore exists for the Easter Bunny? Santa or Father Christmas or however he’s referred to in various places around the world all share the same brand associations of good will and giving spirit hearkening from St. Nicholas.

But was the Easter Bunny just an iteration of the same, a lesser sequel to Santa? And really, what do eggs have to do with bunnies? The brand story didn’t add up.

Even go-to sources like Time magazine admitted, “The exact origins of the Easter bunny are clouded in mystery.” They suggest the bunny came from the pagan fertility celebration of Eostre. The eggs, they posit, were a vestige of a13th century Lenten tradition of abstinence and their colouring to mark Easter as the occasion for celebratory consumption. Eggs also symbolised the new life of Easter.

But what about the Easter Bunny itself? suggests that at least in America, German immigrants settling in Pennsylvania in the 1700s brought their tradition of “Osterhase,” an egg-laying bunny, to their new country. As this brand story goes, kids would build nests for this character that evolved into baskets.

So, brand story mystery solved. We’re just glad we’ve got an Easter Bunny – and not an Easter cuckoo bird or fox, as some other countries do.

And as a holiday that’s brand has come to be associated with sweets as much as bunnies, Boxer wishes you heaps of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and (tipping our hat to another great brand story) marshmallow Peeps this Easter.

Courtesy of Washington Post Top 50 Peeps Dioramas for 2015

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