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My kind of innovation

Being Friday and the fact its nearly time to open the beer (or wine) fridge I thought I would share this little piece of genius design with you all.

An Amsterdam agency have created a new structural packaging design that attempts to take on the negative image of wine in pouches. It is a truly innovative design that cleverly and elegantly reinterprets the classic ‘Bordeaux’ bottle by means of an intriguing play of solid areas and empty spaces, emphasized by the contrasting opaque and gloss surfaces of the materials used.

I will drink to that!

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A taste of the exotic

We have done it again, we have won a Graphic Design USA Award for our work with Arteasan.


Arteasan was born from the insight of no sacrifices, providing a ready-to-drink beverage alternative, both tasty and healthy — good for you, and for you to feel good about, given its naturally healthy source of ingredients.

Positioned as “Exotic Refreshment,” the Boxer named Arteasan brand of tea-based soft drinks are infused with fruits and botanicals for holistic benefits of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

In its name, Arteasan’s play on “artisan” tells a story of creative craft and selective sourcing in concocting this uniquely experiential beverage.

Our Story: Crafting a Brand

With a holistic product concept in hand, Boxer created an equally holistic brand concept – from naming to design. All set out to embody the romance of the archetypical explorer in search of a balanced life through discovering new experiences (in products and in life) with a purposeful passion for the journey itself.

Each variety of Arteasan offers functional benefits derived from their individual fruit and botanical blends for optimal wellness.

We looked at creating every detail by telling the Arteasan story, creating brand DNA and organising design elements through a brand bloodline.

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No more queuing?

Loving this new Starbucks store.

They have launched a new express format store in the heart of Wall Street New York. You are greeted at one of the multiple mobile sales points by a Starbucks partner who then takes your order using a handheld device. There aim is to reduce waiting time, catering for busy New Yorkers. Make mine a skinny latte please.



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Tea time redefined

We are delighted to announce that we have won a Graphic Design USA Award for our work with Serenitea.

Serenitea is a small tea café in a historic village, struggling to find a brand voice in defining the tea experience for Americans, who consider tea a rather fussy, time-consuming affair in a culture of “can do” rather than “relax.

Tea House for Everyday Escape.

Besides describing this unique venue, the story of a tea house for everyday escape, made tea an inviting and unapologetically approachable indulgence to tap into the culture that values de-stressing and self-care as much as its on-the-go sensibility.


To bring this to life, Boxer recommended a fresh green color palette to clearly differentiate Serenitea from the browns and bold colors that suggest a more frenetic, caffeinated coffee house experience, while bringing a sense of homey serenity to the environment with thoughtful touches like framed tea poster art, as well as a tea “gallery” of cups and tea pots at the back of the restaurant to provide visual interest with diners and even more importantly, a line of vision from the street to invite curious gawkers in.

Boxer expressed this brand story in a new identity including a logo, retail environment, business cards, menu, hang tags, and packaging for Serenitea’s custom tea blend.

Since the rebrand, business is having trouble keeping up with demand. The Serenitea blend sold out in one week, and the venue is getting traffic-driving media attention.


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