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St Patrick’s day in the eyes of a Chicagoan

A brand story 

“Top of mind” brand associations of St. Patrick’s Day seem to revolve around drinking and at least in Chicago, a dyed river green.

As lovers of brand stories at Boxer, St. Patrick’s Day, as a brand, gave us pause to really consider St. Patrick’s Day outside of the confines of green beer and intoxication – what amounts to a Jester brand story, with perhaps a little Outlaw depending on the level of the inebriate.  Even some Irish brand icons, like the leprechaun, fit this playful spirit.

But for a holiday named after a saint, Jester really didn’t seem to capture it all. Wasn’t there more brand story to tell?

We started with the name. Patrick was an Englishman named Maewyn, a name we can be thankful fell out of favor between his birth circa 380 and 2015.  As the story goes, as a youth he was kidnapped, and sent to Ireland as a slave herding sheep.  He escaped back to England, became a priest and returned to Ireland.  He was named Patricius upon ordination which, translated from Latin, is our familiar Patrick.

The Irish are known for their gifts of storytelling and that’s apparent in many of the legends of St. Patrick, like his driving all snakes out of Ireland by beating a drum (either a response to St. Patrick’s poor percussion talents, or I would guess they left due to lack of food, like many of the those who emigrated to America when my relatives did).  Legend also has it that that sun did not set for twelve days and nights after Patrick died on March 17.

Blarney or not, these legends certainly cast St. Patrick, and the day that honors him, as part of a larger brand story–an Explorer conquering new lands with the derring-do of a Hero rescuing the Irish people from snakes and the temptations they likely represented.

And of course, like most of you, my part-Irish roots will beckon on March 17th with a nip of Jameson.  After all, St. Patrick’s Day, will always mostly be, a Jester brand.  But don’t forget to toast the real brand story of this holiday–the Hero St. Patrick really was. Sláinte!


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Boxer loves getting through January

Statistically, January is the most depressing month of the year, with the last couple of weeks being the worst.

Well, we’ve nearly made it through dry January, almost completed the ‘Lost’ boxset (we know, we know!) and although our tummies may not be as flat as we hoped, we’re quite comfortable in pin pointing that small hiccup on the fact that the choc selection box was a gift and it’s rude to refuse a gift right? Okay, so while we may have failed a resolution or two, we say chin up people! It’s nearly pay day and we’re sure we’ve just seen a ray of sunshine forcing its way through the snow clouds/rain clouds/grey clouds and in order to celebrate we bring you Boxer Loves – the things that have made us smile this month. Onwards to February – it’ll soon be Easter before we know it….



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Just give me the chips!

2015, so shiny and new, but if you’re anything like us, the post booze fest that is New Years day and the cause of those ‘new year, new me’ resolutions are fast becoming a dim and distant memory. Yes, the traffic and the rain are the prime movers and shakers in giving us permission to wriggle out of those promises we made to ourselves. It is however, good to know that we’re not alone and can stand tall in the knowledge that this week (typically) sees most resolutions dropped like the proverbial hotcake.

If like us, you are/were practicing a dry January, a 5-2 miracle weight loss programme, taking a ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy, you may be interested to hear that out of the total 30% of respondents to the YouGov/The Times New Years Day survey who said they were planning to make a resolution; 51% said they planned more exercise. 47% say losing weight is top of their agenda, while 41% just want to improve their diet.

Sugar – the undoubted villain of the piece is still a much debated subject and our very own Wendy Lanchin explains why she thinks regulations are likely to get tougher sooner than many may think in her thought piece ‘Is Sugar the new tobacco?’


Is Sugar the new tobacco -  amended  WL





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