Instagram fashion week feed

Summer may be over, but Fashion Weeks Spring/Summer 2015 are very much right now.

While it may be hard to get a front row ticket, you can see all the action from the comfort of your couch through Instagram. Between the bloggers, the editors and the online publications running around NYC, London, Milan and Paris, you will have all your bases covered. Here are some of our favourite snaps from the past few weeks.


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A very special visitor…

Over the past 3 months our offices have some very special visitors. Several Harris Hawks have been employed to deter the local pigeons from nesting around outside the building which means that we have had the utter joy of seeing these magnificent birds from NBC on a regular basis. I asked Lee, the owner of Harriet the Harris Hawk to let me photograph her in our little studio and to my utter delight he said yes!

Harriet is a working bird, still used for hunting as well as working on land fill sights, doing demonstrations and pigeon patrol which is why her feathers are a little battered from brushing with trees and obstacles when hunting! These are probably gone now, replaced with some shiny new ones!

It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to be close to these beautiful birds on pretty much a daily basis and to photograph them in a studio a total delight!

Here are a few of my pics of this stunning bird of prey.

Harriet the Harris Hawk


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Rise of the Singletons: interesting fact day.

Some of you may have seen our recent ‘Rise of the Singletons’ white paper in which, we reported IGD’s prediction that the value of the UK convenience sector will grow from £35.6 billion in 2013 to £46.2 billion by 2018.

That’s an undeniable commercial gain for the convenience store. Couple that with figures being reported by ‘Fast Casual’ out of the US, which state that the ‘dine-out’ trade has seen a 20% drop in trade from millennial’s since 2007 and there appears to be quite a significant return to the refrigerator across both sides of the Atlantic.

Given millennial’s have a combined annual spending power of $400 billion in the US and that data within our singleton report shows an increasing desire for this group to buy little and often, there are many opportunities out there for both the convenience and dine-out sectors.

How these sectors plan to respond will be an interesting case of seeing who best uses insights to provide solutions that create customer desire, trust and love as well as real business results.


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Birmingham City of Colours

This weekend the Custard Factory in Birmingham hosted the City of Colour street Art Festival. A veritable feast of creativity seeing over 100 street artists painting every wall in sight, live music, Dj’s, Hip Hop, B-Boy battles, Beat Boxing, Capoeira, Spoken word artists, street food, illustration Battles, Photography & film workshops, Graffitti workshops, BMX Flatland riders and sooooo much more!!! All in all a fabulous weekend! Well worth a wander around Digbeth and the City centre to see the superb works of art still on show!




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Rise of the Singleton: Insight Driven Design – download our free whitepaper & infographic


35% of under 35’s said the best thing about being single was having less responsibility, with 40% of our sample telling us being single was more expensive…Many singles also say it’s a challenge to shop and cook for one.

By 2026, 38% of all households will be single-person occupied; it’s easy to assume that old clichés and single-serve portions are the best way to tap into this market, but what you should really be tapping into is what ‘singledom’ is all about. We call this ‘insight driven design’.

Research undertaken by the Boxer team shows how different demographics have differing attitudes to being single, and how their motivations don’t just concern smaller pack sizes! To find out what other insights we’ve discovered, including factors like convenience and the value of ‘experiences’, have a look at our free infographic. –

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Natures Ingredients Lists

What if natural foods had to have ingredient labels? Aspartic Acid, Sulfur… Fresh Air.


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