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Putting the brand into the hands of 70 million customers
a day

The Challenge

To use packaging to challenge perceptions of the quality of McDonald’s food in the 119 countries that they operate in, speaking with an engaging and coherent brand voice, whilst allowing for local and cultural relevance.

What we did

We created a unique design, that celebrates the love of McDonald’s food and reassures both devotees and doubters – busting myths about the quality and provenance of ingredients through the perfect balance of written facts and playful visual language. We created a Global Design System that ensured brand coherence and allowed for local flexibility. Added benefits included online inspirelines, visual asset library and a visual language that could be used across multiple touch points.


This was the first truly global packaging execution in McDonald’s history – 1500 unique packaging designs, 39 cultural variants, delivered on time and under budget with 0% stock wastage. The online library facilitated use of the visual assets across everything from restaurant interiors, uniforms, trucks and point of sale material. But most importantly, McDonald’s own ‘”Good Quality Food” score in Europe saw a 37 index point rise – and the new designs create 60 billion brand impressions a year!

McDonald's Packaging 1
McDonald's Packaging 2

Making wine easier to enjoy for Millennials

The Challenge

To drive wine sales in the undeveloped opportunity segment
of Millennials.

What we did

By understanding Millennials through gaining insight into their alcohol drinking habits, we found they didn’t understand the mysterious and complicated language of wine, neither did they have the time or patience to read the back of the bottle to find out more. Our approach was to democratise the language, removing the snobbery associated with wine and demystifying the tasting notes on the back of bottles. We took a back to front approach, simplifying and moving the descriptions to the front of the bottle, proudly and boldly translating this once complex information and using emotive typography to help Millennials ‘taste’ the wine without opening the bottle.


The simple design approach achieved the highest consumer appeal and acceptance scores Accolade had ever seen in research. After launch in the home market of Australia (that exceeded all expectations), the client immediately looked for other suitable territories and the range has since launched in the US with further rollout planned.



one of Britain's
best loved brands

The Challenge

Sales of Ribena had been in decline for a number of years, particularly due to the proliferation of choices in supermarkets. Action was needed to reverse this worrying trend.

What we did

We brought back brand emotion, capturing the playful spirit and carefree days of Ribena’s halcyon years of the 1930s. Bringing the Ribena brand story to life through visual storytelling was key – idealistic illustrations, fruit bursting with goodness and a playful brand language driven by the core proposition… ‘Reassuring mums and engaging kids – inside out healthiness and outside in happiness!’. This re-energised brand look and feel was then translated onto packaging…making the brand easier to see and the flavours easier to shop as well as making the brand speak to mums on outer packs and to kids on the singles, including little “did you know?” facts as playground currency!


The design has put Ribena back in front of customers minds in the juice category, particularly when looking for ‘lunch box’ options for school…happy kids, happy mums…and a happy client, as the positivity of trade response to the new design gave the brand the shelf presence it deserves!

Ribena packaging 1
Ribena packaging 2

Making brand
discovery fun

The Challenge

McDonald’s is evolving to meet customers’ needs and concerns – for convenience and health – in a fast changing world. Unfortunately the brand doesn’t always get credit for all that it’s doing. As mini brand billboards, in the hands of 70 million customers a day, bags and cups were identified as the best vehicle to celebrate all that’s good about the McDonald’s brand, and help bring perceptions in line with brand reality. All this without adding cost.

What we did

We passionately believe in Brand Storytelling and that stories should always be as engaging and fun as they can be. Central to our idea was to create a design framework that carries short story snippets that take customers on a new journey to discover the evolving McDonald’s. The flexibility of the ‘capsule’ design system allowed for each market to have 8-12 different bags, to give more consumer interest and information. The design system was also conceived to work effectively across both white and kraft bag substrates, with the content “capsules” working with and without language. As a 1st for McDonald’s, to further engage the customer in brand trust and ensure absolute transparency, we added a QR code to each bag and cup that takes customers directly to a bespoke website carrying nutritional information about what’s in their food.


The style is unique, creating brand standout for McDonald’s, enabling customers to discover more on their own terms. Hits to the nutritional website are high and the design has created real brand impact in the 119 countries McDonald’s operates in. We designed to maximise the visual impact of the sustainable packaging materials, adding no cost to the McDonald’s system by careful monitoring of ink coverage. A flexible online brand design framework allowed for cost-effective implementation of local executions and promotional packs.

McDonald's packaging 1
McDonald's packaging 2

Creating a wholesome & emotive image

The Challenge

For this well-loved US brand struggling to gain a UK foothold, to reposition the Whole Foods Market proposition to be relevant to a discerning new audience; driving awareness and frequency of visits to their new London flagship store in Kensington.

What we did

We created a brand and visual language that connected people, on an emotional level, to Whole Foods’ delicious range of wholesome foods.

Customer insight showed us that people were, at the time, increasingly worried about where their food was from and what was in it – and were seeking inspiration about what to do with it! So, we recognised that the Whole Foods food experts were one of the key reasons to visit the store. These experts, their passion and their personalities therefore took centre stage in the campaign.

We wrapped this all together with a call to action – ‘Everything, Everyday, Made Easy’ that connected with the relatively cash-rich, time-poor target audience of local residents and businesses
of Kensington.


The Brand Activation, which maximised tight budgets by keeping the campaign local, was extremely effective in raising quality awareness and driving sales and frequency of visits to Kensington’s favourite foodstore. There are now 9 Whole Food stores in the UK.

Whole Foods Promo 1

For the love
of grilling

The Challenge

Weber, America’s best-loved barbeque experts needed to expand into more global markets. Their accessories range provides an opportunity to build the brand and sales beyond the initial purchase of the barbeque grill itself but the packaging lacked brand coherence and in-store presence. Furthermore, the ‘space hungry’ packs were not optimised for either retail efficiency or material usage.

What we did

Through out Holistic Packaging by DesignTM process we sought to optimise look & feel form & function & emotion. Firstly, we created brand stories and a brand architecture that allowed for clear tier segmentation and easy-to-shop communication. This tiered architecture was then translated into three sub-brand looks and three approaches to form & function – each optimised for material usage, strength, shipping efficiency and in-store display. Most importantly, customers could now get their hands on the beautiful products in store, without damaging
the packs.

The brand bloodline, inspirelines and the vibrant lifestyle imagery (all supplied as digital assets) provided the client with all they needed for an efficient rollout – telling the aspirational story of the Weber lifestyle around the world.


Through Holistic Packaging by Design we were able to reduce material use, increase functionality, improve shipping efficiency and – most importantly – ensure that a full case of products fits neatly on a eurohook, improving retail efficiency. The new packaging, easier to shop and proudly Weber, can be seen in a Garden Centre or DIY store near you! The range has rolled out across key markets in Europe, Russia, India and the home market of the US. Brand awareness is up, the love for grilling is quickly spreading around the world.

Weber Promo
Weber packaging 1
Weber packaging 2
Weber packaging 3
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