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Brands by Design - We create and grow brands by design

Brands by DesignStarting with a clear brand strategy, we create brand architecture, organise brands through their DNA and make them accessible through design systems and Brand Bloodlines. We interpret strategy and architecture through design into brand, sub-brand and product identities, creating visual brand language with engaging personality.

Tell Stories - We tell brand stories through design

We passionately believe in storytelling and that it is the most powerful way to engage an audience. Every brand has a story to tell, which we specialise in unearthing, defining and bringing to life through brand design.

Create connections - By designing for brand, retail and packaging.

For us, design only truly works when it is effective at the retail moment of truth. We specialise in connective thinking, embracing design skills in brand, retail and packaging and connecting customers in a digital world to leverage every opportunity and every emotion.

Look & act holistically - Think and act holistically - We use left and right brain thinking to create Holistic Packaging by DesignTM.

Ensuring look & feel & form & function & emotion all work together as one, breaking down siloed thinking and maximising chances of success. Our unique, collaborative process is ideally suited to identify new market opportunities and drive brand innovation. We apply the same holistic principles across multiple consumer touch points to ensure brand coherence and maximise brand impact.

Get Results - We deliver design that works globally & locally.

From design systems that project and protect your brand across multiple markets, to design for smaller brands with big ambition. From faultless keylines to asset management to digital solutions that enhance consumer engagement, we deliver with the same passion and commitment… that’s the Boxer way.

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Our sun rises in Birmingham and sets in Chicago; providing our clients with 16 hours of seamless delivery every day. Helping to reduce timelines and ensuring that we're always on hand to help when you need us.

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Birmingham, B4 6GA. England
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