How can we
revitalize the look of
the McCafé Brand?

It’s time for McCafé to strut its stuff with a look that matches the happiness the Brand delivers every day. We’ll create a fresh identity that stretches across coffee and specialty beverages, all the way to decadently delicious pastry treats. We’ll bring this McCafé platform to life: Deliciously simple and simply delicious.

Own Our Own Unique Space

Spreading the Word

This new look and feel is a wonderful base on which to build. It’s a fun, simple, infectiously attitudinal approach that will translate easily into messaging at every consumer touchpoint. It’s designed to inspire a continuous flow of lighthearted (yet luscious) consumer communication, consistently packed with personality.

The Solution

We simplified the logo by removing the underline and rounding off the typography. We added the “Established” date to deliver the message: “premium coffeehouse,” while “establishing” our credentials for making that claim.