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A New Chapter In Cheese


With over 70 years of experience in the category, it was time for the Old World cheesemakers to get a new look, one that would take its wonderfully special brand to new heights of delicious cheese glory.


We created new branding and a robust design system that spanned over 25 cheese offerings. We unveiled a new logo and even tapped our expert in-house photographers to snap beautifully fresh images for Cello’s website as well.

Our designs grabbed customers’ attention with elevated, eye-catching packaging—all so they’d be sure to grab Cello on their next grocery run.

Color was the name of the game when it came to differentiating all the many cheese offerings, which gave customers a clear means of way-finding to their favorite Cello item.


Pantone 187 for Parm, Pantone 683 for Asiago. And the list goes on 🧀 and 🧀 on.