We've Baked in Goodness


Boxer was tasked to develop a packaging design system as part of a larger McCafé rebranding effort. McDonald’s wanted optimism & simplicity to be at the core as these qualities reflect the uncomplicated, simple nature of their good, quality coffee and bakery line.


The system Boxer created leverages optimism & simplicity through modern, bold graphics and playful patterns on bags, cartons, boxes, packets and labels.

Packaging Design System

Brand Design Language

Design Strategy


The abstract imagery invites endless possibilities and allows customers to interpret each piece of packaging in a unique way. While one customer may look at a McCafé sugar packet and see a cup of hot chocolate with sugar cubes, another may see a chocolate cookie. 


The open-ended nature of the design speaks to what’s at the heart of this visual concept: good graphics, good imagination, and good coffee.