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Holiday cups are a big deal. For some, they act as an important reminder to finish up holiday gift shopping. For others, they act as the perfect excuse to grab a warm beverage with a loved one. We know this because we’ve been partnering with McDonald’s on their McCafé holiday cups since 2013 and each year we find a new way to offer a splash of seasonal cheer through uniquely delightful designs.

For McCafé, holiday cups allow for a seasonal twist on the brand promise to create moments of real coffee satisfaction made simple. For our 2023 cups, we created a design that is bold like McCafé drinks, simple like the menu and colorful like everyone that visits McDonald’s every day. The designs are celebratory, vivid, modern, and golden.

BOXER_McCaféHoliday_2023-403-418-Edit 2.jpg

The design wasn’t limited to hot cups, as the clear cups, which serve cold and blended McCafé beverages, joined the festive fun. Plus, the design was used to create limited edition wrapping paper and socks for employees at McDonald’s Corporate Headquarters in Chicago.

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