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Design With A Global Mind


We craft innovative packaging solutions the world over. And whenever McDonald's is looking to unleash a fresh look, Boxer helps them deliver.


We have the know-how and the experience to create design systems that flex and adapt to each market’s unique needs.

Join us on a journey through time and great design…


The launch of i’m lovin’ it meant an opportunity to connect with fans in a whole new way: global packaging featuring them--a first for McDonald's. Real customers from around the world were celebrated alongside the i’m lovin’ it tagline in many different languages.


The multicultural, worldwide brand that is McDonald’s was showcased in a customer-centric new light, complete with compelling photography capturing the many special moments in our customers' lives.

At a time when customers everywhere were demanding real food free of the artificial stuff, McDonald’s was ready to share its sourcing story with the world. Our packaging showcased the real ingredients that go into McDonald’s menu items. Potatoes to pickles, apples to eggs, the journey from farm to restaurant was much closer than many would otherwise have thought.


We seized on the opportunity to share this important ingredient story with different markets around the globe, making customization and translation the name of the game when it came to versioning out the packaging.

After several years, it was time to evolve McDonald’s food story with a fresh, fun, graphic-centered approach. Each market could build out and share its own sourcing initiatives and undertakings, allowing for ultimate flexibility.


It was time to let McDonald’s much-adored menu items to shine like never before. So, Boxer helped introduce a bold, colorful new system that made for operational ease all across the world. Celebratory type. Modern design.
It had all the makings for McDonald’s to solidify its status as an iconic global brand.

Boxer led the charge globally with the adaptation of an already developed packaging design framework.
Each menu item was distilled down to its essence to tell a simple, modern and celebratory food story. McDonald’s food appears approachable, playful and delicious, sitting against a white background for a fresh new look at everyone’s favorite foods.

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